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  7. Client's Full Name (This is the name that will appear on the report)
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Order Form Instructions

Requester is the person placing the order with us, which sometimes can be the client and sometimes will be ordering on behalf of the client.

Client is the name that will be on the actual appraisal report. This is typically a bank, attorneys office or home owner.

Property Address is the address of the property to be appraised.

Property Contact is the name of the person that will let us into the property. This can be the home owner, tenant, management company, etc.

Purpose of the Appraisal is asking why is the appraisal being order? Divorce, litigation, estate settlement, fair market value, etc.

Special Instructions/Comments is for you to add any additional information we may need to know about the property, client, requester or anything else.


The final report will be sent as a PDF file to the requester's and/or the client's email address.